Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Grocery Shopping Ugh!

Last night was the first time we went grocery shopping since we received Cormac's peanut allergy diagnosis. It took twice as long as it normally does. It was completely overwhelming! We even have to look at every ingredient we buy for baking. Did you know that you can ONLY use Hershey's chocolate morsels to make chocolate chip cookies? I know it will get easier, but that doesn't make me feel better right now. All I kept thinking was what if I don't recognise an ingredient and mess up? Mac will be the one to suffer. The thought of having to stab him with the epi pen make me cry every time I think about it. What about when he is at someone else's house. Than what?

There was one good thing that happened though. There is a lot more out there for him to eat than I thought.


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