Saturday, May 22, 2010

Team No Nuts For My Peanut!

I know the FAAN Food Allergy Walk is still 5 months away, but I can't help being excited as I see our team No Nuts For My Peanut grow! We have 8 official walkers, and promises of more. It fills my heart to know how much people love our little man and want to support him, as well as our family with this challenge. I thank them all form the bottom of my heart.

The new statistics and research surfacing this week, only show that so much more research is needed when it comes to food allergies (FA). That's why this walk is so important to us. I mean before Cormac' s allergy, I honestly wasn't aware how severe FA's can be. You hear about stuff, but until you have to deal with it, it's not real. There really is very little awareness out there. I find my biggest challenge of being a mom to a kid with Food Allergies is educating the people that are around Cormac. Yes people get he can't have peanuts or peanut butter but the whole idea of cross contamination is so much harder to convey. I hope it gets easier as we go on.

So I guess the next step is to start fundraising! This is a new one for me too!


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