Friday, February 17, 2012

A letter from a stranger can change your day.

While I'm no the best blogger, I do, do it for many reasons. To connect with others in my situation, raise awareness, and just listen to others. I receive e-mails from strangers often talking about their struggles. Some are angry, some are sad, some are of a great experience they have had, and some are just people getting it all out.

Kelly sent me this email and said I could share. It's about the basic thing we all have in common. Makes me feel like I'm not crazy to feel the way I do. That I'm not alone in my fears and anxiety.

"My name is Kelly and my little boy is Zachary he is 4yrs old going to be 5 soon. I still worry every day about him going to school. They have a peanut free campus, but the other day I saw a can of peanut butter there. I know how stressful it is wondering if there will ever be a true safe zone for my son or will I receive a dreaded phone call from the school.

I carry my cell phone everywhere I go. Zachary's doctor told me that there was no way possible to be 100% safe any where in the world today. That he would come in contact with peanuts and tree nuts, that's why we need to learn how to take care of those incidents when they happen.

Zachary understands that some foods hurt him and doesn't want to eat them. I have taught him to ask first before eating anything, fortunately we have a wonderful teacher that calls me to ask first too. I have decided to create a list of all foods to send to school with him from now on, the teachers says it easier for them. Our school nurse has also asked us to send a box of safe snacks to school, just in case. Zachary has peanut, tree nut and asthma was rast tested at 10 months old and then again at 2yrs. Was going to do a food challenge, but was sick and had to cancel it.

That summer he was eating food that had tree nuts: Pizza Huts sauce, bunny bread and ice cream had may contain trace amount of peanuts. Same brand he had been eating and label changed, broke out in hives all over his body, was very sick. Doctor said that was a mild reaction due to small amounts of peanuts and tree nuts, could be bad if he ate a larger amount. He was sick for a month and half, I felt terrible.

Sometimes the rest of the family forgets, so I tote around food and medications all the time to make sure nothing happens, but if it does mom to the rescue. I look at it as to educate my family about the allergies and asthma or any body else that wants to listen. So far only a couple trips to the doctor due to allergy or asthma, thank god.


Thanks to Kelly for sharing, and thanks to you all for listening. This is one reason to be on here. It's to be here for you like you are here for me.