Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Allergist and Tips

Today I made an appointment with a pediatric allergist at Mount Sinai. I'm excited because it's at a center for pediatric allergies not just a Dr.'s office. Cormac's regular pediatrician said not to expect to get an appointment for 4 months. Well were going in 2! They were really nice on the phone and didn't rush me off the phone. That is a good sign. The bad part about this is, they are going to do the scratch test. From what I've seen, it doesn't look pleasant. I need to do more research before we go. The good part is, I feel like maybe we will get some answers about what is happening to our little man. I still don't understand how he was able to eat peanut butter the 3 or 4 times previous to his last exposure, where he had such a bad reaction. I guess we will just wait and see.

On another note, I've been talking with some friends who also have children with peanut allergy's. They have given me some really great tips. For example when going out to eat, restaurant desserts are a no no. So my friend told me to bring a little dessert for him so he doesn't feel left out. Such a a good idea! Thanks Sara! She also told me to start a list of local places to eat and look for a peanut free bakery. Well I already know the pizza place is ok. Couldn't live without my pizza! Looks like I will have to add a page for local places to eat.


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