Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It's been 19 days since we found out (the hard way), that Cormac is severely allergic to peanuts. I have to say it paralyzed me when we first found out. But after doing some research and reading other blogs about all kinds of food allergies, I am starting to feel differently. Yes this in not good, but it could be so much worse. It could be milk, eggs soy, and/or wheat. One or more of those foods are in everything. He did test moderately allergic to milk and soy but since he has no reaction to them he still gets to have them. So yes we have to read labels and bring his food places, but it's worth it to keep him healthy and safe. I am feeling like this peanut allergy is manageable and that we are lucky that it's just that.

Waking up this Mother's Day to my smiling little boy was the best gift I could ever receive. And knowing everything is going to be alright is an amazing gift too!

Happy Mother's Day!


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