Saturday, July 10, 2010

Guest Blogger

Have a funny or scary story to share? Or maybe some great tips and advise for food allergy sufferer's? Could there be something you need to get off your chest or just want to talk about your anxieties? I am looking for guest bloggers to contribute a post to my blog each week. My requirements are simple:

1. Topic must be related to any kind of food allergy. It doesn't have to be about nuts.
2. Post must be submitted to me via e-mail at
3. Post will need to be approved.
4. Post may be edited by No Nuts for My Peanuts, but not without the authors approval.
5. Must be a follower or like on Facebook.
6. Requirements to be a guest blogger may change at any time, without notice.


  1. I'd be interested in Guest Blogging! I'll email you soon.

    Also, I've passed you an award :)

  2. I can't wait to hear form you.

    Thanks for the award. I'll be posting about it soon!

  3. Ok I sent you an email about guest blogging! :)


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