Saturday, July 31, 2010

We Finally Ordered His Medical Alert Bracelet

After struggling with whether or not to get the Medic Alert bracelet, I finally ordered it today. I don't know why, but I kept putting it off. We have gotten many opinions about this from people saying "well he's always with you why get it", to "you must have one". The reality is Cormac is not always with us. He's with people we trust when not with us, but it's not the same as mom and dad . I think part of me felt that getting one made it official. That sounds crazy I know. You would think when Cormac had that horrible reaction to peanut butter, or when we got the test results, or going to the Jaffe Center, I would feel the "officialness" of it all. Don't get me wrong I did every time. But, picking up that phone, signing him up, and picking out his bracelets (yes I ordered two), made me so sad today. I know it's the right thing and can only help keep him safe.

I said we ordered two bracelets. I know, I know he only needs one. I just couldn't pick one. I have a strong feeling that Mac is not going to be happy about wearing it and will loose it. So I got two different ones. I ordered a more updated sports band and the traditional chain with the the logo in red.

OK so why medic alert you may ask when there are so may different and cuter kinds out there? Well I chose Medic Alert because emergency personal have access to his Emergency Medical Information Records or EMIR. They can contact us or our other emergency contacts in case we are not with him, or if in an accident and non responsive. We actually have 5 people listed as emergency contacts! It is also a universally known symbol. We do pay a discounted yearly fee of $15.00 because he is in the Kid Smart Membership. His membership came with a free bracelet and an emergence contact card which includs his Dr's contact info as well. I also like that they inscribe it with his allergies. We had Anaphylaxis peanuts, tree nuts. Treat with Benadryl or Epipen Jr. inscribed on his.

If you don't want to use Medic Alert, there are many others to choose from, but they don't have the EMIR service. You can google medical alert jewelry and a bunch will show up in your search results. Some of the ones I've seen are quite fashionable and cute. What you get all depends on what you need.

I'll post photos when they come in and we'll see if Mac will wear it.



  1. I need to get on the ball and order one for my little guy also. I know what you mean about making it official - I think that has been part of my problem too.

  2. Melinda, I called twice. I suggest calling and doing it instead of doing it online. It takes some of the anxiety out of it, and they make sure it right. They were really nice and even gave you their ext. if you want to talk to the same person!

  3. yay! I love the sporty looking one.

  4. I know that peanut allergies are very common, but it's odd to say that your little one is the first child I have "known" (speaking loosely of course) to actually have to deal with this huge, life threatening inconvenience. And don't be sad for getting the medic alert bracelet, it's a life saving service, it makes you a terrific parent!

  5. Please post about it when it arrives. I have also put off ordering it since he is always with me (SAHM) and I would like to know if Cormac will actually keep it on.


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