Sunday, February 27, 2011

Food Facts!

I received and e-mail asking me to talk about a website that can be a great help for anyone suffering from food allergies, want to check ingredients, nutritional facts, health score, recipes and even make a shopping list.

So I click on to check it out. As always I won't write about a product if I don't check it out first. I liked what I found. I especially like the Shopping List and Quick Recipe Finder. I can make a shopping list for myself and others on here. It is brand specific to help family and friends get what they need should they have to get food for my little man. While making the list I can double check the ingredients. Whoever is shopping will still have to double check when in the store, but at least they know where to start.

Though I haven't tried any of the recipes in the Quick Recipe Finder yet, I have done a search and a ton came up that avoided our allergies. I like that you can check off what you can't eat and a recipe is ready for you. They even put the safe brand of flour and seasonings you can use. Click add to shopping list and it adds all the ingredients to your list. You can then go and edit the list if you already have some of them. LOVE that. The recipe also lists the nutritional info. So it's good for anyone who is conceded about what they are eating.

I would recommend checking this out, especially if others take care of your FA children or you are new to the FA world. I think for the experienced FA people, it may give you some new recipe ideas! The only thing is you will have to register to use all the features on this site, but it is free so why not. For a better explanation check out their video on YouTube. They did tell me they are coming out with an app. Maybe they will let me review it ; )

**As always I want to be honest. I did not receive any money or products for this review. Just an opportunity for them to list my blog on their site. I would of wrote about it even if they didn't list it.


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