Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do you know your expiration dates?

Yesterday on Facebook I said I forgot what I wanted to write about. Well I remembered! I was dropping the little man off at the sitter/good friends house. Since earlier in the week we signed the kids (Cormac and her daughter), up for a class together that she will be bringing them too. That with spring hopefully on the way means she will be taking them out more.

So I just wanted to have the EpiPEn reminder talk. It's time to have it with everyone. We don't talk about it every time we see her or even monthly so I thought it would be a good idea to start refreshing people's memories.

I just stated the 2 simple rules that we have.

1. It MUST go everywhere with him. The park, library, a play date, everywhere. No exceptions.

2. Never leave it in the car. Temperatures can damage the medicine and make it less effective. Plus you never know when you may need it.

His sitter (and also good friend), is on top of this! I know she knows and does this, but it still needs to be said to anyone who takes care of our little man. A little reminder never hurts. Mom and Dad your next!

This EpiPen talk lead me to remember that both sets of EpiPen's are expiring soon. One set next week, and the other next month. How I remembered with my baby brain is beyond me! Let me say this is an accomplishment for me. I have the worst memory when it comes to dates. I can't remember the exact date of my best friends birthday and we've been friends for over 20 years. You would think that the husband couldn't remember the wedding anniversary. Nope it's me. I get it wrong all the time! When people ask I just wait for him to answer. Of course I get the look from him every time. I even mess up his and Cormac's birthday. I just have a hard time with numbers.

However I guess when it comes to my son's life, dates are not a problem. I can tell you when his EpiPens and car seats expire. So the really important stuff is in there. If you get a chance, go and check you emergency meds and epi's. If you can't remember when they expire, you can always register you EpiPen's here and they will send you a free e-mail reminder. They also have a app for your iPhone. I don't have it yet, but may try it out. I think it's a good idea for care takers to have. If you don't wan to register, you can also put it on your calendar at home, computer or phone. If you use an electronic calendar, have a reminder set at least a week in advance so you have time to call the Dr. to get a new Rx.

I just have to remember to call the Dr. and get the Rx. Oh baby brain how I hate you! I also have to go find out why ducky is in the naughty chair.


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