Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Over!

The weeks before Halloween my anxiety levels increased more each day. The last few nights before the main event I didn't sleep very much. I really didn't know what to expect for our first trick or treating (he had the flu last year). I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how well it all went.

We gave out peanut and tree nut safe candy and two kids actually commented and were happy. Most people let Cormac pick out his own candy. So we were able to stay clear of the unsafe stuff. I was surprised at how much safe candy people gave out this year. Also if he did go for a snickers, I would ask if he could have something else. Most people didn't think anything of it. Some even asked why. When I told them about his allergies they were great about it. One woman even told me that a few of the kids were asking what had peanut in it and what didn't. I guess my town has more kids with food allergies than I thought.

We went trick or treating with two of his little friends (and my mommy friends). It was so fun watching these three 2 year old' s (Mac is almost 2), go door to door and hear them say trick or treat. The moms were great to. They saved the peanut candy to eat later when they got home. I did make some adult hot chocolate (with Bailey's) since it was pretty cold.

Over all it was a great experience. He got safe candy, no panic attacks for me or the hubby, and we all had a good time. Plus since he doesn't really eat candy anyway, we get 99% of it! So how was your Halloween?

One last thing. I'm looking for this months Guest Blogger. If you interested please let me know. I still have lots to learn and would love to hear what you have to say.



  1. Sounds great! Love the pictures :)
    We had a great time at my sister's house...My daughter is 27 months, and wasnt that interested in holding her trick or treat bag, and she had more of an interest in trying to get into peoples houses, then the candy..LOL..Since we really dont give her candy yet, she didnt care...We did have one scare where a family was handing out candy on their lawn, as they hung out with others eating appetizers..The man was eating peanuts and handing out candy at the same time...I didnt say anything I just reached for a piece of candy and shoved it in my hubbys pocket so it wouldnt mix in my daughters treat bag...When we got home I pretended I was taking candy out of her treat bag, as I was holding a peanut free safe Kit kat bar from Canada in my other hand..That was her very first piece of chocolate and she loved it! Since she was just diagnosed a month ago, this is all new to us..But we are dealing..I think it will be much harder when she is older and more into treats..Now, she loves eating fruit and such :)

  2. Halloween is so stressful! And what a cute little dinosaur you have! We've got additional allergies, and quite simply nothing in my son's loot is safe for him, so we just do an exchange for safe candy when we get home.


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