Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween & What Not

The hubby and I just got back from our short little getaway to Newport. We had an amazing time. Cormac had a wonderful time with his grandparents here at home. I can't believe what a difference traveling without him is. Specifically the food issue. It's become such a part of our every day lives that it was hard to turn off the worry when eating out, but we managed. I have to say I am so guilty. Every chance I had, I ate something with nuts or peanuts in it. It was almost comical. I really enjoyed a chocolate chip pie that had walnuts in it. Since it's been so long since I had them, I had asked the waitress after finishing the dessert if they were indeed walnuts. Her face turned as white as a ghost! Poor thing, she thought I had an allergy and started to panic. I quickly assured her there was nothing to worry about, and that I was just so happy to have the nuts. I know sounds crazy.

When we got home we had to get right back into the swing of things. One of those things on my to do list was, to make a treat for Cormac's first school Halloween party. We go to a Mommy & Me class once a week. It's more like a pre preschool. We do a craft, have story time, and play games. All the kids are within 2 months of age with each other. The other moms are really nice too. When the sign up sheet went up for who would bring what to the parties I jumped on the snack assignment, and my good friend signed up for the next party snack. What a relief that was. That's 2 parties where he gets to have the same snack as the other kids. Though I think the other moms in this class understand. They ask me lots of questions about his allergy.

Ok so I made cup cakes. These are my first Halloween cupcakes. They aren't the best, but I think they came out ok. I have a feeling over the years I will get better at them.
I used all Betty Crocker products since I only had to worry about the peanut and tree nut allergy. Mac is the only one in the class with food allergies. The kids loved them, and the moms seemed to like them too. FYI when you use black frosting it leaves a mess on their face. I didn't get a good photo of Mac without the other kids so I can't post it. But take my word for it, because their faces were all covered in black icing.

We are gearing up for more Halloween festivities. There will be 2 days of trick or treating in my town. Tomorrow the town hosts a trick or treat event in downtown where all the kids get dressed up and go from store to store. We are going to attend with friends but may skip the store to store part and just hang out. Then of course is Halloween day trick or treating. We are going to attempt that too. This is our first time, but I don't think it's going to be a big deal since he's still little. I will carry some safe candy so if he get the urge to eat something, I'll be prepared with candy in the "safe" bag.

The candy we give out will be safe for Mac. I bought 2 bags of tootsie pop and rolls candy. I was going to try and get some fun little plastic toys or glow sticks to give out instead, but haven't had the chance to get them. I may also give some safe candy to the neighbors to give him so he can still have something. Here is a link to a list of safe peanut and tree nut free candy (and remember to still check the ingredients before eating or giving to a food allergic person). A few people sent me this specific link (thanks guys). Just google and you can find all kinds of safe candy lists. When he gets older my plan is to weed out the bad candy and trade it for a toy or something. Fortunately this year we won't have to do that. Jim and I will just bring it to work.

Since this is a hot topic right now there are tons of blog posts out there with tips for an allergy safe Halloween. Check out some of them that I have listed on the right of this post.

I hope you all enjoy and have a Happy & Safe Halloween!


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  1. Wow, I think the cupcakes look awesome...Thats funny about the trip..I would be exactly the same way, and my daughter was only diagnosed 3 weeks ago..LOL..I am missing my peanut M&Ms that I usually eat almost every night...:)


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