Friday, June 18, 2010

Found a Bakery!

Through word of mouth, my mom heard about a local bakery in my hometown that is peanut and tree nut free. I found this very hard to believe. Since it's Father's Day this weekend, I decided to call and see if it's true since I will be I town. Well it is! The Brightwaters Village Bakery is a safe place for my boy. He can go in a eat anything his little heart desires! I was so overjoyed at this, that I burst into tears right there on the phone. I tried to hide it but I could barely speak.

The woman I spoke with was telling me that the owners grandchildren have the allergy, and he wanted a safe place for them to go. She also told me that they have had kids come in there and cry because they could have anything and it was safe. Can you imagine being told no you can't eat that everywhere you go, especially all the desserts and sweets other kids get to eat. If I was overwhelmed, I can imagine how they must feel. We now have a special treat for our little guy. We can also get cakes, cookies, and pastries, for a party without having to worry. I know it sounds crazy, but something like this is a very big to to us.

They have customers from all over, not just Long Island NY. I wish they had a web page but since they don't, I'll post their contact info instead.

Brightwaters Village Bakery
346 N Windsor Ave
Brightwaters, NY 11718


  1. That's awesome! We have family on Long Island. I know who will be bringing me treats next time they visit!! ;)

  2. We tried a few things there. Ask your relatives for the chocolate chip muffins. So yummy!


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