Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The NY Mets are stepping up to the plate!

Tuesday May 3rd. @7:10 pm
vs. San Francisco Giants

A while back I mentioned that the NY mets are going to have a peanut control night, but didn't have all the details. Well I heard from them and want to share. It's not a peanut free game, but there will be a peanut free suite, with a peanut free menu offered to the fans in the suite. The ticket price includes the food, beverages (non alcoholic), and the safety of the suite. It's pricey ($90.90 per person), and not the best time for kids to go to a game, but it's a start. The suite will also be power washed prior to the game to add to the safety.

During my original conversation with their rep, I was told that only 45 General Admission tickets (no assigned seats), will be available online only. I was also told if this is successful (meaning sold out or close to it), they will look into adding more peanut control games to the schedule.

I did mention that people with peanut allergies generally are allergic to other foods and hope that they will allow those individuals to bring their own with them. I do not know if that is something they will allow, so I suggest you call.

As I am a Met fan and the hubby is a Yankee fan, this has to be a success in order to sway the little man into the Mets camp. Here is the link again to the info.


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