Saturday, April 9, 2011

Always the same.

Finally beautiful weather to take the little guy to the park today. I was not the only parent with that idea. The park was buzzing with kids today and it felt so good. Our guy had a great time.

As usual I had his epipen on me. I didn't bring a bag so it was sticking out of my pocket a little. I think any mom with a child who suffers from food allergies can spot and epipen a mile away. That's what happened today and I'm glad.

This very nice mom to a beautiful little boy came up to me and asked if Mac had food allergies? I of course said yes and then laughed because I remember the epipen sticking out of my pocket. She said I have mine in my bag. We got to talking and comparing allergies.

Whenever I meet someone who has a child with food allergies they all same the same two things:
1. How it is such a life changing diagnosis.
2. How alone they felt when hearing those works your child has a life threatening allergy to...

The second one always make me so sad. Why is it that we feel so alone? There are over 12 million people estimated to have food allergies. I am meeting people all the time now who have to deal with them in their families or just know someone.

I am reminded once again that more research, education and awareness is needed. I told her about the support group Helen and I are starting and she was excited to hear about it. I hope she comes. This is the exact reason I wanted to do this. We need to be there for each other, and learn from each other. Most importantly we need to know we are not the only ones.


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