Sunday, April 10, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Girl Scout cookies! In fact I've already polished off two box's of Somoas alone, and have threatened the hubby to not touch what's left. As usual, I first checked the label and didn't see any warning on the ones we bought for peanuts or tree nuts. The Somoas do however say, "Contains, wheat, milk and soy". I figured that since they are only made once a year, it would be vague, or full of cross contamination warnings. Very doubtful, I went on their web site to find out about their allergen labeling policies.

According to the Girl Scout web site, the cookies are made by two different bakers, Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Smart Cookies. I bet you can imagine how excited I was that both companies do more than the minimum when it comes to their allergy warnings! Both state they practice in cautionary labeling for cross contamination. Even better was the information was easy to find in the FAQ section.

If only all companies would be as responsible with their labeling. I don't think they understand how loyal food allergy sufferers can be when they find an company that is responsible.

I am truly excited that my little man will get to eat one of my most favorite treats (if I share that is). It makes me proud that when I was a little girl I was in such a considerate and wonderful organization. Thank you Girl Scouts!



  1. I agree...We jsut ordered alot of Girl Scout cookies..Love the labeling..But guess what? My daughter didnt like the thin mints...LOL..Can you imagine..

  2. Not like thin mints! That's ok. It means more for you!


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