Friday, October 22, 2010

I've been slacking!

I know it's been over a week without a new post. It's just been hectic. I have a lovely cold and I'm just plain tired! Fall is my favorite time of year and October is my favorite month. We've been trying to do a lot, but this month has had us down for the count so far. Cormac has been sick twice as well as myself with four different things.

With what little free time I have, I've been trying to find a safe food coloring. Yep you heard me food coloring. With the holiday's upon us and treats everywhere, it times to start researching. To be honest, I hadn't even thought about food coloring until a friend asked which one was safe to make her sons birthday cake with. Cormac was going to be a guest at the party and they wanted him to be able to eat the cake (I have some great friends)! So the search started.

I've been e-mailing a few different companies and am still waiting for most to respond. The front runner looks like Betty Crocker, though I'm still waiting for a clarification from them. The actual company which makes Betty Crocker's food coloring and sprinkles is Signature Brands LLC. When I hear back from them I will update you. What they have told me so far is that the following products are NOT SAFE:

Marble Mixins (NOT SAFE)
Parlor Perfect (NOT SAFE)
Cake Mate Fruit Flavored Decors (NOT SAFE)
Cake Mate 26 OZ Rainbow Sprinkles - upc 52100 32626 (NOT SAFE)
Cake Mate 26 OZ Chocolate Sprinkles - upc 5210030247 (NOT SAFE)

Unfortunately Wilton is now on the no list for food coloring for us. They are made in a facility that has peanut nuts and tree nuts. I asked if they had dedicated lines that were peanut and tree nut free and they could not confirm. However they did say to call them while shopping and they could tell me about the specific product I am looking for. Here is the phone number if you want to check 1 800 794-5866. I did find them very helpful, quick to respond and forthcoming with the information. So in my book Wilton seems to be a responsible company.

I have other inquires out and will update with a full list. An amazing Baker friend of mine had made some calls too. I will be including those companies as well when I can get myself together. I know I'm behind on the Halloween topic but I hope to have my thoughts on it out soon. And yes we will be trick or treating!



  1. Thanks for researching..I would have never thought about those toppings...

  2. I'm interested in hearing what you learn. I've heard that Wilton is good about labeling, and while at the craft store last week I noticed that some things were labeled for being made in the same facility as nuts, and some things weren't.

  3. Melinda,

    That's why I contacted them. I'm not sue it it's their older products that aren't labeled or if that some are actually safe. I may put their number in my speed dial:)

  4. We use both Wilton colorings and rainbow sprinkles religiously and have not had any probs as of yet.

  5. we have been using McCormick assorted food coloring for over a year. I never called the company, but we have never had an issue. I have called Signature Brands and their Betty Crocker decorating decors are safe and we love them. Good luck. Also, Jelly Belly beans are now safe you can google and see they stopped producing the peanutbutter flavor in 06/09. You still have to read the label to make sure that you have new product and not the old product that may still be circulating. I called Wrigley's and Skittles are in a safe factory as are Smartie's (from the USA factory, not Canada) but be careful if they are rebagged as it might be in a facility with nuts. Still looking for non-rebagged Smarties.

  6. I've heard a lot of people who have never had problems with Wilton and I think that great! I guess in the end it's what you feel comfortable with. I know I may be a bit over the top :) For example I'm ok with gold fish but some parents aren't.

    Laura you pointed me in the right direction a while back with signature brands. I can't thank you enough!

  7. Ameri Color colorings are (or were last I looked I think that's their name lol) are safe, but you may not be able to find them in a store. A friend told me about them but I've yet to buy them. I've used Wilton colors though in the past and had no issues.


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