Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goodbye 2011 & Hello 2012!

Trying to find 10 minutes or more to sit down and write theses days is next to impossible. I don't know how the other mom bloggers do it. My hats off to you ladies! I myself am not that organized. I have piles of laundry waiting to be put away, a sink full of dishes, bottles and pump parts. My dining room is stacked with picture frames waiting to find a photo and a home. I'm not even going to describe what our "play" room looks like. At least my desk at work is nice and neat.

With that said, I look at the mess and think we had one heck of a year. Most important is that Cormac became a big brother. We are lucky he is such a good baby, and Mac is a great brother. Now add my hubby's new horrible schedule, to the new baby, Mac starting preschool, going back to work, and me trying to start a photography business, and needless to say, life has gotten challenging. There are days I say to myself, somethings got to give. Maybe his food allergies will disappear. That would make things easier. But that's not realistic. A girl can dream.

We went for our yearly allergist visit to see if we would get our Christmas miracle. Turns out his peanut numbers went up. A lot! It makes no sense to me after the huge drop last year. But what can you do? I can't say that it didn't upset me when we got the call. I was really hoping we were getting closer the possibility of him growing out of it. I guess I will always hope that it will change.

The good news is we may be able to rule out all tree nuts soon. We got the go ahead for hazelnuts. He's even had nutella, and is doing fine with it. The Dr said she wants to do a food challenge for cashews. If he passes, we can say he's not allergic to tree nuts! It's the last one showing up in the tests.

At the moment I'm excited about the idea of the food challenge, and the hope that we can take away the tree nut fear. But there is a waiting list for the challenge, so by the time it happens I'll be a mess. For now though, I'll think of it as a good thing.

We are also debating on whether or not to test the baby. Our allergist recommends having him tested for peanuts around 9 months to a year. We probably will, but I have concerns regarding false positives. We will look more into it and then decide. If anyone else tested because of an older sibling can you please share your experience with me?

Our holidays from Halloween to New Years were uneventful in a good way. Thanks to a snow storm the week of Halloween, trick or treating wasn't an issue this year. Family made all the holiday meals safe. I couldn't be happier. There are tons of other things that happened in 2011, but to write it all out would take all of 2012. One one my resolutions is to be better about blogging. Now if the kids would only cooperate.

I hope 2012 is a wonder reaction free year for you all!



  1. I have two kids and my oldest is allergic to peanuts and (more recently) tree nuts. When he was about 3 and a half we added a baby sister to the family. Our allergist had her tested for peanut at age 3. Up until then we just avoided peanuts and tree nuts for her. It made me nervous because since she had never had peanuts before I wasn't sure how accurate the testing would be. It had been my understanding that the body had to have a least one exposure before an allergy would present itself. Anyway she tested negative to peanut and has eaten it since with no problem. Let me say that watching her eat something with peanut butter in it for the first was very nerve wracking. She is now 8 and has not developed any allergy. Though, by her own choosing, she doesn't usually eat peanutty or tree nutty things out of care for her brother. Good luck with testing for your little baby and I'm so glad that the holiday season was uneventful allergy wise. For us too. :)

  2. Nicole, I am under the same impression about how accurate it can be if he's never been exposed. I dread the first time he is exposed.


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