Friday, August 13, 2010


I'd have to say my house is pretty baby proofed. We have locks on the cabinets and draws, gates on the stairs, the TV even has a "cage" around it. When we found out Mac had food allergies, we cleaned out the kitchen and check all his skin products. Well as any parent finds out, as they get bigger you need adjust your baby proofing. Overall I feel we do a bang up job.

Well, I had a YIKES moment this week! We have some draws in the bathroom that Mac likes to play in. I "thought" I had all safe things in there for him to play with. So I'm in the shower, and as usual, I hear him playing the the draws. I do my usual peak around the curtain to see what he's doing. Nothing to worry about, we do this every day.

WRONG! When I get out, I see that he is holding something I don't recognize. Turns out I had a all natural skin product in that draw that shouldn't be there let alone in the house any more. The 1st ingredient was almond oil! All I could think was, what if he got it open while I was in the shower? He could had ananaphylaxic reaction, and I wouldn't of even known!

So my lesson for today is no matter how baby proofed you think your house is, there is always something lurking somewhere. Check all your products twice and adjust your baby proofing as they grow. Remember no matter how safe you think they are, there is always some kind of danger.



  1. that is so scary. i'm glad nothing bad happened.

  2. Yikes! I've had moments like that since learning of Luke's allergy. It's been 5 months since his anaphylactic reaction, and although we cleaned the kitchen out when we returned from the hospital, I still occasionally find something that needs to be tossed.


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