Friday, May 20, 2011

What's Been Happening Here

I know I'm way behind on my blogging. I've got tons of excuses, but I will spare you the boring details. I should fill you in on our allergy news.

Wednesday night was the 1st meeting of out local food allergy support group. We had a small turn out but it was fun. We basically traded some stories and talked about how to make the group a success. It always surprises me when you have something in common with other people how easy it is to talk. You become comfortable with them quickly. I would suggest if you have a support group in your area, go to a meeting. It's great to feel like your not a crazy overprotective parent. A the bottom of this FAAN Page on support groups, you can find one near you. Or just do a google search for your area.

The next thing I want to tell you is how wonderful the NY Mets Peanut Control night was at Citi Field! We had such a fun time. Bringing a 2 year old to a baseball game is a lot by itself. Add his peanut and nut allergies, and insane is the word that comes to mind.

Having the peanut free suite was an amazing experience for a number of reasons. First you get to enter through the VIP entrance. You don't have to mix with the rest of the fans (their food in particular), or even pass any concession stands. The hallway to the suite is enclosed so no peanuts flying around.

Second, you don't have to just sit in your seats. There was an indoor suit as well as a balcony seats. You were free to roam between the two. This is perfect for our ants in the pants 2 year old. We were able to leave the suite and let him run and walk around without fear of peanuts all around. The hostess for the suite next to us even asked who the allergic kids were so she would keep an eye out if they wandered to that balcony. They didn't serve peanuts outside on their balcony either just in case.

Third, the food was catered and was peanut free. My only issue with the experience as a whole was their food options were slim. My son won't eat hot dogs or rice so french fries were his only option. I hope next time there will be some additional options. Since we are not allowed to bring our own food.

Fourth, Mr. Met came to visit. The kids LOVED this. Our little guy kept asking him, "what are you doing baseball?" They took photos, but of course my guy was too busy talking to him and wouldn't turn around.

We did go to a lower lever to buy a hat for him. The minute we stepped off the elevator I stared to panic. Daddy had to keep a tight hold on him and didn't put him down until we got to the store. I think until he is older, peanut free suites are the way to go. I know I would not enjoy the game in regular seats when bringing a peanut allergic kid. I do want to go back to Citi Field without the little guy so we can explore the new stadium. It's beautiful.

So if you get a chance and love baseball, I say spend the extra cash and go peanut free suite style. I can honestly say we had an amazing stress free experience. My son loved his first baseball game, and was talking about it for days. He even wore his hat to bed for a bunch of nights. So thanks NY Mets for a great first experience for this Food Allergy Family!

In other food allergy news, I received my 1st edition of Allergic Living Magazine. Now that its available here in the US, I suggest getting a subscription. It's a great resource and a good read. If you go to the FANN Discount page you can save $10.00 on your subscription.

Well I'm off to do the 100 other things I need to do.


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