Monday, September 13, 2010

Neighborhood Kids

I love my neighborhood! It's crawling with kids and friendly parents. Cormac is one of the youngest at 21 months old. The older kids love to come over and play with him. It's so cute. That's what happened this weekend. We were outside using the sidewalk chalk and some of the 4th grade girls came over to play with him. He had a ball!

A while back I had some t-shirts made that said No Nuts For My Peanut. We haven't used it much because I wasn't happy with how they came out. But that day he was wearing it. It got the other kids attention! They asked me questions and remember the rule about not sharing food with him. I was so happy! They even asked were his bracelet was since he wasn't wearing it.
Here is the shirt. This is back in May.

A little while later some more kids were out, and of course Mac had to be in the middle of it. They all read his shirt and commented. One of the younger kids came out with some food and wanted to share, but stopped when the other girls said she couldn't even before I could! She then saw his shirt and didn't understand why he couldn't have a doughnut since it wasn't a nut. So I explained and they all seems to get it. So like I said, I love my neighborhood!

You can make your own allergy shirts or just google it and a bunch will come up. One that I think I may be getting Mac is from a company called Alert Clothing Company. They have short and long sleeve T's, and sweatshirts with cute designs and great warnings. Mac is into dinosaurs so I think that one may be a good fit for him. I should of ordered it already as September is a crazy party month for us but as usual I thought of it too late.


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